Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Chi Gung

Chi Gung is a series of breathing exercises which floods the body with oxygen increasing oxygen in the blood, purging the body of toxic waste and encourages relaxation. The main benefits are:

  • Strengthening and stretches the diaphragm
  • Calms emotions and improves sleep
  • Improves digestion, metabolism and excretion
  • Stimulates lymphatic system.
All these benefits will help runners.

Details of exercises will follow shortly.

Sounds like a plan

6th March     Eastbourne Half
20th March   Hastings half
17th April     virginlondonmarathon
30th May      London10000

Sunday, 28 November 2010

It is Frosty

This morning the plan was to get up early and work out a 3 mile route I can use for my short sharp runs. It was very frosty and I actually stayed in the warm until about 9.00am.I had nice hot cup of Tea got ready and did a few minutes of Chi Gung to warm me up internally.

Running on a cold day is actually the best. After a about a mile you warm up nicely and it is a fantastic feeling. The only down side I was road running rather than cross county. My tip for running on a cold day is to wear a nice pair of running gloves and a hat. I covered 3 miles in 27.03- not great but this really was just a initial run to set a target. Basically run to Petts Wood and back. Saw Fox in Mayfield Avenue who just stopped and looked at me as I ran past. I was surprised he did not just run off.

Tai Chi in London

On Friday I went long to Chinese Centre Tai Chi Training at St Martins in the Field in London. Because it was cold training took place in the Crypt. I asked if I could watch and the Chinese Lady said yes and Kindly got me  a chair to sit on. I spent about half and hour watching 40 Chinese people doing Tai Chi in a very confined space. The Tai Chi seemed very soft (Ying) and it was very relaxing to watch. I was impressed by some of the older people training and you can see the benefits of maintaining flexibility and relaxing. I did not want to over stay my welcome but they said I could train with them if I wanted.

As I walked backed to the office through St James Park I really wanted to go for a run. The relaxation had somehow fired up my energy. Any way I could not as I had to get to the office. I must spend a little time to relax before each run. I suppose this is the time athletes use to get into the zone and focus.

Friday, 26 November 2010

A bit more detail on Chi

Chi is a form of energy (bio electric) associated with living things and Ying (-) and Yang (+) are the opposite poles that make Chi move. The body stores Chi in vital body fluids and it is transported through a network of invisible channels called meridians. When Chi is empty vital organs grind to a halt and an organism will begin to wither. Chi travels by virtue of electric fields through defined circuits. Chi is like electricity and the body acts like a conductor.A strong life force (Chi) makes a human being totally alive and present while a weak life force results in sluggishness and fatigue.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Plan

I have ran two Marathons Beachy Head (2009) in just over 5 hours and New York (2010) in just under 5 hours. I believe I have potential to improve my time and I will do this by changing my training programme and where I can combine my Tai Chi into my running  and see what works and what does not.

Friday, 19 November 2010

How are running and Tai Chi linked?

To be a good runner you need to work with your body to ensure good running technique so that your energy (Chi) can be translated into power efficiently. The mind must be focused and integrated with the body. This is exactly the same as Tai Chi.

How is Chi (Energy ) moved around the body?

Chi follows thought, where you focus your thought, Chi will follow. If you stand with your back against a wall and concentrate on standing still and try to walk you will be unable to walk. You will only be able to walk when you tell you mind that you want to walk. Your Chi will then be directed towards walking. 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a martial art originated in china. It is practised through continuous flowing circular movements which encourage the flow of life force (Chi) to move through the body, thus helping the body rejuvenate itself. Tai Chi is split into five parts:

Chi Gung- to generate Chi
Chi Circulation- to move Chi around the body
Fighting- Self defence
Weapons - to extend the Chi out of the body
Pushing Hands- for sensitivity.

What is Chi?

Chi is your personal energy and energy is the capacity to do work. We all know people who have a great positive outlook on life, get things done and are happy, generally these are people you enjoy being with.These people have good energy or Chi. On the other hand you will also know people who find life a struggle, have low energy levels and are usually pessimistic about things. These people generally have poor Chi. Most people are some where in between.

Personal energy is split into 4 areas:


Tai Chi enables you to balance these 4 energies so that your Chi becomes strong.