Wednesday, 30 March 2011

17 days to go

I went to the physio today and she has taped my leg. My leg was feeling good and when I got home went for a 5 mile run in preparation for my 20 mile run on Sunday. I was wondering if there was in point in going for a 5 mile run but at the end of the day I just felt I need to get some running in my legs. I am feeling alot more confident about VLM now. I am not going for any particular time, just enjoy the experience.

I have recently got a personal digital radio and I decided to take it with me today. It was a pleasant change to listen to the radio- Absolute Rock - played some great tracks. I think I will sort I will sort my iPOD Nano out.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Camelbak tip

I find my camelbak very easy to use but the sloshing sound really annoys me. Dave gave me a great tip, before you run hold the Camelbak upside down and then suck the remaining air out. This stopped all the sloshing around. Excellent tip.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Do I shave one leg or two

My foot was not right this morning so I decided to go to the Physio. the Physio thinks the problem is with one of the muscles in my foot ideally I should rest and allow time for the muscle to recover but with London Marathon less than three weeks away the physio has decided to tape my leg for a few days and see if that helps. Before she can do this I need to shave my left leg which is going to seem strange.

Should I also shave my other leg so that they are the same?

18 mile run

I met Dave at 8 am on Sunday morning for our 18 mile run. The route was up to Polehill then to Crittles Corner upto Sidcup along to Chislehurst station upto the Crown at Bromley then along A21 to Gren Street Green. This is becoming our standard route and a very good training run.

We completed the 18 miles is 3 hours dead which was only 6 minutes slower than we did this run about a month ago. This is the longest run I have done since I last did this run and I was pleased that I did not loose too much time.

On the downside my foot started to hurt after about 14 miles, same problem as before,which is very annoying. At the end of the run I made sure I did plently of stretching and iced my foot when I got home. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another couple of runs 23 days to go

When I got home tonight I went for a 5 mile run, this was a follow up to the 5 mile run on Tuesday. Both runs are in preparation for my 18 mile run on Sunday. I will be glad when I have completed my run on Sunday and know that all is OK. If all goes well I will hit the fund raising hard and see how much I can raise.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Runnings are friendly people

I am always amazed by how friendly runners are. This was proved again at the end of Hastings Half. My friend Chris decided to buy a bacon roll but did not have enough money so he asked me if I had any money. I had left my wallet in the car so Chris said jokingly we will have to look on the ground and see if we can find any money. Previously I had spoken to a few people from Orpington Road Runner (ORR) and Chris said why not try see if I could borrow some money from one of my friends.

Standing next to me was a member of Petts Wood Running Club ( PWR). I introduced myself as a member of ORR and his name was Chris. I thought I could not ask to borrow some money without some introduction so I asked Chris if he knew Jerry Smallwood a fellow of PWR. Chris did not know Jerry. I said you must know Jerry, the guy who runs in Union Jack shorts- Chris replied you mean the ultra runner. We had a little chat and the ice was broken and I asked if I could borrow some money for two bacon rolls thinking I could pass the money back to Jerry to give to Chris.

Chris said he was more than happy to buy a couple of guys from ORR a bacon sandwich especially as it was not his money but the club secretarys John Gurney.

Funnily now Chris  did not have enough money for his order and I ended up asking the woman behind the counter if she would let us off 50p and she said yes.

I love this friendly behaviour and the world would be a lot better if people behaved more like runners.

Running Bag

After Hastings Half I decided that I need a new running bag so I brought a race elite as shown. This will be very easy to use and I will keep some small running bottles in the pouch and some energy sweets. I am planning to use this bag for VLM.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hastings Half Race Report

Chris and I arrived at Hastings about one hour before the start parked the car and then walked down to the start. It was perfect running conditions. 10.30am and we are off to the sound of Chariots of Fire blasting out.

I had been warned that the start in tough. The first 6 miles are pretty much all up hill which was very tough and after about one mile I was wishing that I had not worn my Jacket. I had to take my jacket off and tie it round my waist and it kept banging on my legs which was really annoying. The crowds were really great and once the first 6 miles were over it was pretty much all down hill apart from the last couple of miles at the end which are along the sea front.

I finished in 1.58 which was perfect timing. I wanted to take things easy and run at 9 minutes a mile slightly faster than marathon pace, which is exactly what I achieved. However, the thought of having to do another 13.1 miles really hit me hard as I just would have struggled.

After the race we went for a paddle in the sea. The sea was freezing but it did our legs the world of good.

Overall summary I would recommend Hastings Half. Great course, good support from the crowds and nice medal.

Next weekend I have a 18 miler planned with Dave another running buddy.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hasting Half

Well I have just got all my kit ready for Hasting Half on Sunday. I am a little apprehensive as I did an 11 mile run on Thursday and this may have taken a lot out of me but I felt that I needed to push things if I am going to run London.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I can breathe, move and run

So London Marathon is fast approaching. I have received my race number and only 30 days to go. I have just recovered from a three week break in my training and tonight I went out and ran 11 miles. I took things really easy, concentrated on breathing in a relaxed manner and making sure that my posture was correct using the basis of Tai Chi. I tried to make sure my head was held high and back straight. I noticed that my legs were collapsing in a bit and keeping my hips tucked under kept legs from collapsing.

Fortunately I did not have problems with my leg.

At the end of the run I was very hungry and dying for a long drink.

I am running Hastings Half on Sunday and will be taking in very easy.

I am really lucky that I can breathe freely move freely and RUN.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Back in the Flow

I got home early so that I could go for my run. I ended up running up to Chelsfield to pick up my Doctors note for the Physio. First couple of miles felt tough but then it is mostly up hill after about three miles I soon got in the flow and I ended up running 7 miles one mile more than I intended. I was really pleased with my run. I took it really easy and now I need to see want happens when I start to push the miles out. I am planning to run up to Keston Thursday night maybe do about 9 miles and that should ease me into Hastings Half on Sunday.

The State of Flow

In The Lap of The Gods

I went to the Physio yesterday and her opinion was all is OK but she would like to see me run to make sure I am using the correct shoes so will be wearing my running kit on my next visit this Friday. I thought this was a very good idea as I have only been checked once before when I brought my first pair of shoes.

My leg is definitely feeling better so itching to get out and do a 6 miler tonight. I will take it easy and do the 10k club route. I see tonight as the big test if all OK will do another run on Thursday and Hastings Half at weekend. Then I have two weekends to knock out a couple of long runs.

Interestingly my body feels very strong. I had not realised how much the running takes out of you and the rest has certainly given my body time to really recover.

Mentally I am feeling very strong but a little nervous that something is going to go wrong. I am hoping after tonight's run I will be in bring in on mode.

I was aiming for around 4 hours at London but I have now forgotten about the time just planning to enjoy. Also my fund raising has taken  a hit. Anyway I have got my eye on the Marafun.

I just hope my run tonight goes well my fate is now In The Lap of the Gods

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Three Miles

My leg is feeling a lot better so I decided to go out for a short run today. I ran my standard 3 mile course. After about 2 miles I started to notice my leg but got to the end of 3 mile run and it was not too bad. I am hoping that I can go a 6 mile run during the week and Hastings half at the weekend. I am running Hastings half with my friend Chris and I just hope that I am OK.

I usually go to Karate tonight but decided to continue to rest my leg.

Friday, 11 March 2011

It is the way you deal with adversity which makes you stronger

I went to the Doctors today to see what she thought about my foot. Medical opinion, bone is OK most probably ligament damage and she recommended course of Physiotherapy which I will do.

To be honest I am not too worried if I miss London Marathon. I am more keen just to get better and back running. I have really missed running over the last couple of weeks but the thought of Summer and going for a long run is what it is all about.

Even though I have missed my running I have not been too down hearted. It is very easy to be on a high when things are going well but the way you deal with adversity is what makes you stronger. There is also so much bad stuff going on the world at the moment my problems are pretty small.

I am off to Tai Chi tonight to get the energy flowing.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Injury Update

37 days to go.It has now been two weeks since my last run and I went for a very small run to the post box and back and leg is still not right. I am starting to get a bit frustrated. I was hoping I would be able to go out for a run on Sunday but not sure leg will be better by then. I think I may go to Doctors tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Art of Stretching Brad Walker

I have just purchased this book. It has given me a lot of useful information about stretching and I would recommend.

Marafun 14th May 2011

I am thinking that I may enter this event see if I can do a good time.

Marafun Details

This is a local event which is fairly flat and could be right for a good time.

Timing is about a month after London and fits well.

39 Days to go

Leg is getting better but I do not want to run on it yet. I am hoping that if I wait until Thursday I might be able to test it out but only going to run if I am confident it feels good. I have brought some 2XU's for my legs and will see how they work.

It is going to be interesting to see how much fitness I have lost

I am not going to re assess my training programme until I am confident that I can run.

Tonight I will massage and ice my foot.

With the wind behind me I may still be able to pull this off.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Eastbourne Half getting better

I was meant to be running the Eastbourne Half this Sunday but unable to run. We still went down to Eastbourne and stayed in the Grand. I really like this hotel and a fantastic short break.

I do not like taking any form of medicine so I have not been taking any Ibuprofen for  my leg but I have decided to use some arnica 30c from Boots.

Arnica is used to treat bruising, muscular strains, wounds and swelling.

 It was fantastic to see all the runners go past it just made me realise how much I love my running. This week is a decisive week for me. Leg is getting better but I do not want to start running again until the pain is all gone. I am really hoping that another couple of days and I will be thinking about testing my leg out. Then I can  take stock and decide what I am going to do about London Marathon. I am a bit concerned about all the sponsorship money I have raised.

 I think I am going to buy some compression socks.

Fire in my Leg

At Tai Chi on Friday my leg started to burn a bit and I was unable to do my form properly. Then during the the night I was woken up by my leg really burning. It was like my leg was on fire I was a bit worried but it seemed like a lot of bad energy was being burnt off. In the morning my leg felt a lot better and I have now turned the corner.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Quote by Dan Millman which I Like

We can find guidance from many sources — by observing the natural world, people around us, from human mentors, from friends and strangers — but of course we always want to check out what we learn against that whispered wisdom of our heart — because there is no best path, book, teacher, or choice — only the best for each of us at a given time of our life.

Race Report - New York Marathon Nov 2010

New York Marathon (NYM) 7th November 2010

After completing my first marathon in 2009, I was looking for a new challenge and listening to radio on my way to work they played New York by Alicia Keys. I arrived at work looked at the website for NYM and in a moment of madness I registered thinking I will never get in! A few months later I got a “Congratulations -You’re are in” e mail.

I arrived in New York a few days before the race.

The start for NYM is very well organised. I had to catch a coach at 5.30am to Staten Island (you have never seen so many coaches) and arrived at 6.00am. My start time was at 10.10 am so I have over 4 hours wait in the holding area, which is a very long time. Fortunately I had been advised to wear some warm clothes and throw them away at the start (they are collected and given to the homeless) and I was very grateful for my hoodie from Oxfam as it was pretty cold. I was glad it was not raining as there was no sheltered area. I was also lucky that one of my friends was also running and we were able to have a chat and time passed quickly.

The Marathon starts with the boom from a cannon and Frank Sinatra singing New York New York - Fantastic. We ran across the Verrazono Bridge into Brooklyn up into Queens, across the Queensboro’ Bridge into Manhattan, across Willis Avenue Bridge  into the Bronx then back across Madison Avenue Bridge into Harlem and finished in Central Park. The crowds were fantastic, the music along the course was excellent and there were runners from all over the world. I wore Union Jack running shorts and my Orpington Road Runners top. I got lots of encouragement from the crowds – “Go on England”. I was also talking with runners all the way round and high fiving with the crowds and NYPD along the course. When I entered Harlem there was a MC standing in the road and through the sound system came the words - “Harlem welcomes Orpington Road Runners”. There was also a point on the Queensboro Bridge when a guy ran up beside me and told me that in the next ¼ mile I would experience one of the greatest moments in your life - the cheers and the noise from the crowds as we hit Manhattan - truly amazing.

 For the last mile I had taken a large Union Jack flag and managed to come home carrying a big flag which again got massive support from all the British people in the crowd. I collected my medal and picked up my bag. It took me 3 hours to get back to the hotel at around 18.00, ready for a shower and change of clothes and got ready to go out and celebrate my wife’s Linda’s birthday which was on the same day. The first beer was probably the best beer I have ever had in my life.

As for the race itself I managed to keep up with the 4.00 hr pace team to about half way, then found miles 16-22 very tough and lost a lot of time.  Fortunately I gota second wind and finished strong in 4.59. NYM was tougher than I thought.

 I did a video diary on the way round.

Overall a really fantastic and emotional experience and I would recommend NYM. The problem is what to do next……………………..

Leg feels like it is getting better

My leg continues to occupy my thoughts but I sense it it starting to get better. I am entered in Eastbourne Half this weekend which I was really looking forward too and hoping to do a PB but I would be foolish to attempt to run when I have a bigger event on the horizon. I am still going to Eastbourne and will paddle in the sea and hope the the cold water does my the world of good.  

I am starting to hope that with the wind behind me I may just be able to recover from this set back and still do London.

I have also booked Beachy Head Marathon in October 2011.

43 days to go. I wish they would not go so fast.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Still resting and thinking

One minute I think my leg is getting better then all of a sudden it flares up again, usually after my walk from the office to Charing Cross and home. I have pretty much decided that I will not be running Eastbourne half on Sunday. I am really missing going for a run but it has given me time to think in particular where I am going to focus my training.

At the moment I do a Tai Chi combat class on a Friday plus a normal class which means I train from 19.00 to 22.00 on a Friday night plus help teach a class on a Wednesday. On a Sunday I do a Karate class and I usually run three times a week.

I have decided that I want to push my running further, despite my current injury, and if I am to do this I need to sort out my training schedule and where I am going to focus my energy.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Highs and Lows of Running

I have been resting my leg and it is getting better but tonight the pain came back. Bit annoying really I wish I could see what is going on inside. I have really missed my running but not a lot I can do.  I have my doubts about recovering in time to do Eastbourne Half on Sunday will just have to see how things go. I need to learn from this I am going to work out a warm up and cool down programme plus do some weights to strengthen lower leg and foot.  I am getting plenty of rest.

Bruce Lee One Inch Punch

Famous clip but whole arm moves more than 1"